We be back! And this week we have a Grammy!!!! (an old woman we found on the bus and now can’t get rid of). Come celebrate the Pope’s departure and probable murder with these choir girl/boys: 

SHENG WANG (Comedy Central half hour, John Oliver Show, NBC)

MIKE DRUCKER (Fallon, SNL, Onion)

JOYELLE JOHNSON (Opens for Chappelle, Maria Bamford)

ANDREW SHORT (Sirius Radio, Brad Austin’s list of terrible comics)


NATE FRIDSON (Future Vice Principal!)

And as always DJ Huggy making us want to dance hard and hug soft. 

The Top Ten Worst Comedians in the World (New York)


The New York (world) comedy scene has become red hot of late, with acts such as Michael Che, Brad Austin and Ryan Sorensen really lighting it up on all sorts of shows. But some comics are just plain rotten, and need to be told to stop doing comedy forever. Here is our list of the worst comics in New York city (the world).

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Monday - Jan 21st - IS MY BIRTHDAY!

Well I went another year without dying. And to celebrate I’ve got my very favorite comedians coming to eat my cake. Don’t miss this one or you may never be able to have kids.

Joe List

Dan St. Germain

Sabrina Jalees

Lady Rizo

Brad Austin

Scott Chaplain

And as always…THIS GUY:

Monday Dec 17th - 8pm - Jesus says come to the show!

Merry Christmas!!  In honor of commerce we got you the following human gifts:

Jordan Carlos (MTV, I Just Want My Pants Back, Comedy Central, Colbert)

Sean O’Connor (Conan (x2), MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, Norm MacDonald’s Sports Show, Shaq’s whatever show)

Chris Distefano (MTV, Comedy Central, The Cellar)

Alice Wetterlund (MTV, Comedy Central, UCB)

Jacqueline Novack (

Lady Rizo (Edinburgh, Joe’s Pub Resident, Worldwide Touring Songstress)

Monday Dec 3rd - The Greatest Night of your Life So Far

We’re back! Here are the former sex trafficers we got to entertain you this week:

James Adomian (Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing)

Nick Vatterot (Fallon, Conan, Comedy Central Special)

Aparna Nancherla (FX’s Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell)

Joyelle Johnson (opens for Maria Bamford)

Matt Ruby (Sandpaper Suit, We’re All Friends Here)

Monday Nov 19th 8pm! DTF welcomes these former child prostitutes:

Jermaine Fowler (MTV, Comedy Central, Eric Andre Show, In Living Color, College Humor)

Chris Distefano (MTV, Comedy Central, Comics to Watch)

Anthony Devito (MTV, Montreal Comedy Festival)

Amber Nelson (UCB)

Brent Sullivan (UCB, Comedy Central)

Peggy O’Leary (Bleak Comedy)

Monday Nov 5th! We’re back at 8pm! Hope you guys stayed dry cause this show is about to get you SUPER wet. Here’s who we got this week:

Michael Che (Comedy Central, IFC)

Mike Lawrence (Conan, Fallon, Comedy Central)

Kate Berlant (Time Out NY Comic to Watch)

Jared Logan (Comedy Central)

Kara Klank (MTV, UCB)

Special Surprise Guest who is not a surprise at all - Mark Normand: 

Hosted by me and the Freshest of Breezes: Mr. Nick Maritato (show photos by the best person, Mindy Tucker)

2nd Show Ever - And Probably BEST Ever! Of All Time! Monday Oct 15th - 8pm

Mark Normand:

Emily Heller:
Michael Che:
Nick Turner:
Victor Varnado:
w/ my lovely co-host, Nick Maritato (jedi):

Our first show ever! Monday Oct 1st 8pm.

From now on your sex dreams will star:

Dan St Germain:

Jordan Carlos:
Joe List:
Seaton Smith:
Nick Maritato:
Lady Rizo:
And Mindy Tucker making everyone look hot:

Monday Jan 7

This week we got the ONLY comedians who survived the apocalypse…which means they’re the strongest: 

(Fallon, HBO, Duke Fans/Horrible People)


(MTV, Comedy Central, College Humor)



(Chelsea Lately, MTV, Pirate Party)



(HBO, TBS, Bridgetown)


(Bridgetown, Recently hung out w/ my family)


(Bridgetown, Carolines Breakout, Great hair)